How to find the best camcorder for filming sporting events

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How to find the best camcorder for filming sporting events
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By eHow Electronics Editor

Look, up in the stands, a guy filming a soccer game with a camcorder. Sporting events need a camcorder that can keep pace with the players on the field while still being easy to use for the guy in the stands. The best camcorders for filming sporting events are light and fast with intuitive controls and rock-solid dependability.


Look for a compact and lightweight design, with good handling and a natural placement of controls. When you hold the camera, your hands should be able to find all the necessary buttons without significant effort or without disturbing the shot.

Step 2

Pick a model that does not load tape or other recording media from the bottom. You’re going to have this puppy mounted on a tripod, and bottom loading camcorders have to be taken off the tripod, and their mounting brackets have to be removed before you can change tapes.

Step 3

Check the camcorder’s battery life. A longer battery life means less hassle for you.

Step 4

Select a camcorder with an image stabilizer. Most of the time, you’ll be shooting from a tripod, but the stabilizer makes those on the sideline close-ups of the action worth watching.

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