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The Learning Center features short videos from industry leaders and experts.
Larry Thorpe on the Importance of Quality Camera Optics
Larry Thorpe is a well-known expert on quality HD Cameras and Optics,
who addresses the importance of quality optics in achieving high-end results .

Mark Schubin on HD Camera Quality
Technology Consultant Mark Schubin discusses a range
of subjects relating to HD camera quality.

Charlotte Latham on Choosing a Teleprompter
Charlotte Latham is the International Sales and
Client Liaison Manager of Autoscript.

James Mathers on Shooting in High-Definition
James Mathers is a seasoned cinematographer
and President of Digital Cinema Society.

Robert Goodman on HD Camera Technology
Robert Goodman is author of The Goodman Guides,
a series of field-operation manuals written from a user perspective.

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