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Panasonic develops world’s lightest full HD camcorders

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www.gizmowatch.com - May 21, 2009 - panasonic lightest full hd camcorderIn pursuit of doing another best, Panasonic has delivered the HDC-SD10 and HDC-TM10 camcorders, which owing to less than 230g weight have been touted as the lightest camcorders with full high-definition capabilities.

Camcorders get flashier with flash memory

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Video cams add new features, and flash memory means smaller devices

Wed., May 20, 2009 - Some of them are hybrids and some are GPS-enabled. They're not cars, they're digital camcorders and the recent generation of them have almost as many options as automobiles have.

10 Things to Know When Buying an HD Camcorder

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www.gizmodo.com Wed, Nov 7 2007 - Looking for an HD camcorder? They're proliferating like bunnies, but is it a good time to buy one yet? Not only are there lots more HDTV camcorders on the market now than there were last year at this time, the variety of HD camcorder recording methods has expanded as well.
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